SK Coffee began in the Allston neighborhood of Boston where Minnesota-native Sam was trying to enhance his "home" coffee experience. Sam started roasting with a Jiffy Pop over his stove. Sam saw a lack of engagement with the everyday coffee drinker so he invited people for a cup of home roasted coffee, selling bags at farmers markets, and engaging with the community of coffee lovers like himself.


In the fall of 2017, Sam met Nate, a “finance guy.” Their individual passions led to the official creation of SK Coffee.

Despite being in two cities, SK Coffee grew, upgraded from their single-bag-at-a-time Huky 500 to a Mill City Roasters 2kg.

Now, SK Coffee is fully rooted in Minneapolis, officially launching in August, 2018. We maintain our small batch roasting, hand crafted and sourced coffee, all the while exploring single origin coffee through our four flavor categories: SMOOTH (blue), BOLD (green), SWEET (pink), and UNIQUE (yellow).


I sampled some of your coffee (Guatemala, Natural) at a local farmers market recently. I ended up bringing a bag of beans home. Normally, I don't follow up when someone who hands me their card, but I have to let you know that this coffee has been a phenomenal addition to my morning. The flavors are simple yet distinct and pairs well with just about anything. I just wanted to express my appreciation of its quality. Keep up your fine work.

Daniel Pederson

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Now when I’m referring to making your coffee in the morning, I say to my boyfriend “I’m gonna go make some SK”.  You’ve become a household name and a beloved epithet synonymous with “great coffee”. Like bandaids and Kleenex equating to bandages and tissues, “coffee” = “SK”!

Sarah Spinella, long-time customer